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The convention electromagnet has an electromagnet placed on the horizontal around the circumference. The construction is devised so that just the right force will be applied in the oscillating direction, assuring effective transformation of the electromagnetic engergy into oscillating energy. The oscillating leaf spring angle is set at 15 degree s and the full-wave vibrator system is used to provide very stable oscillation. This makes it possible to use the right tooling for various workpieces.




Built for a wide range of applications,this feeder can be equipped with various bowls at the desired position by means of center orperipheral lock systems. Other than the standard-equipped bowls can be installed with the special top plate installing holes available.The drive system is extremely simple,electromechanically speaking. No coils,no rotor. Long service life.


PIEZO FEEDER Inline Feeder


The outstanding feature is that the leak spring adjustment is not required,since the controller is equipped with a frequency modulator. The unit incorporates a direct drive system, a jointspring system, a rubber mount feature-all of which means you have a wide selection to meet your application requirements.


PIEZO FEEDER Controller P111/P211/P311


These piezo parts feeder controllers incorporate a new kind of pulse width modulation control that allows variation of voltage and frequency levels in a very compact unit. In the standard model you find an ON-OFF signal terminal that works off optical sensor, and either DC12 or 24V is available. The power unit is built in, so ON-OFF control can be effected by non-voltage contacts.


PIEZO FEEDER Sensor Timer Controller


This is a compact high-performance digital controller for a one-chip microcomputer developed precisely for piezo feeder appllications. With either 100 or 200V capacity. Your choice of either amp-equipped sensor or no-amp optical sensor.


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